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Three Phase Servo Controlled Voltage Regulator (Air Cooled)

Technical Specification
Capacity, KVA rating  3KVA to 2000KVA
Input Voltage Range  340V to 480V / 300V to 480V (Balanced or Unbalanced to be specify) 
Output Voltage 415V ±1 %, line to line nominal or as specified by customer
Rate of Correction  Up to 100V per sec
Response Time 10m sec
Efficiency 92%
Waveform distortion  Nil
Line Frequency 47 to 60Hz
Cooling Air-Cooled up to 75KVA, Oil-Cooled for higher KVA Range
Protection Automatic High / Low voltage cutoff,Overload and Short circuit protection
Advantages of Servo Stabilizer
  • Automatically corrects voltage
  • Protects expensive equipments from menace of voltage fluctuation, thus lowers the cost on maintenance Better efficiency in plant with less production losses
  • Increases productivity rate
  • 100% depreciation as per Income Tax Act
  • Reduces the electricity bills approximately up to 15%
  • The average pay back period of Servo Controlled Voltage Stabilizer is approx. 18 months
Applications: -
  • Air Conditioning Plants
  • Medical Equipments
  • Offset Printing Machine
  • CNC Machine
  • Escalators & Elevators
  • Industries & Lighting Load
  • Mall & Commercial Complex
  • Residences & Offices
  • Telecommunication System
  • Metrological Department
  • Sophisticated Laboratory Equipment
  • Defense Equipment
  • Information Technology
  • Cement Plants
  • Hotels
  • Textiles Industries
  • Pharmaceutical Industries
  • Oil Industries
  • R & D Institutions
  • Induction Heating Plan

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Three Phase Servo Controlled Voltage Regulator (Air Cooled)

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